UCSF Black Healing Day

By Dr. Denise Powell Comprising roughly five percent of the physician population, Black physicians often shoulder the cognitive load of micro-aggressions and race-based violence. This creates a huge need for identifying, processing, and addressing these experiences. On March 5, 2021, “UCSF Black Healing Day” gave nearly 50 Black physician trainees, also known as residents andContinue reading “UCSF Black Healing Day”

Becoming a Bilingual Medical Provider

When I was in medical school, one of my biggest goals was to become certified to provide medical care in Spanish. Why was this a goal of mine? Because I saw how much it impacted Spanish-speaking patients. Whenever I worked with a doctor who spoke Spanish, I could literally see relief flood the faces ofContinue reading “Becoming a Bilingual Medical Provider”

The Road to Medical School

Hey everyone! My name is Tiana, and I am a resident physician in the UCSF Department of Pediatrics. I am also a Los Angeles native, former college athlete, and a lifelong student…until about two months ago! After decades of school, I now have an undergraduate degree from Princeton University, a graduate degree from the HarvardContinue reading “The Road to Medical School”


Hello! Welcome to my blog and to my life. I have been absorbing vast amounts of knowledge over my many years in school, and have been searching for ways to disseminate what I have learned to my peers, my loved ones, and my mentees. So here we are! Also, I’ve been told my Instagram captionsContinue reading “Introduction”