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Welcome to my blog! A central hub for information on my journey to and through medicine, mentorship & mental wellness.

Call Me Doctor T is my way to share the lessons I have learned on my journey through medicine, and to demystify the path to success and self-discovery.

Hello everyone! I’m Tiana, and I am glad you are here. I am a resident physician in San Francisco, dedicated to bringing physical and mental wellness to children and families. When I’m not in the hospital, you can find me on a volleyball court, dance floor, or curled up in bed with snacks and a book.

Doctor T – a dream twenty years in the making.

UCSF Black Healing Day

By Dr. Denise Powell Comprising roughly five percent of the physician population, Black physicians often shoulder the cognitive load of micro-aggressions and race-based violence. This creates a huge need for identifying, processing, and addressing these experiences. On March 5, 2021, “UCSF Black Healing Day” gave nearly 50 Black physician trainees, also known as residents andContinue reading “UCSF Black Healing Day”

Mental Wellness Basics

One of the most exciting moments of my post-graduation, pre-residency vacation time was updating my email signature. (Yes, I know how that sounds – you really have to find joy in the little things nowadays). Of course, I was excited to add the letters “MD” to my name, but I also wanted to add somethingContinue reading “Mental Wellness Basics”